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Odeon Thakur Paan

There are a number of things that Indians absolutely can’t live without; great food, chai & paan. Paan is an
Indian food item that a few people ingest for leisure & for many, it is a life staple, but whatever the event, paan
is an Indian must & if you’ve never relished its taste you perhaps cannot call yourself very Indian.
The convention of ingesting Paan started in India before it attained fame in other Asian nations. Travel
anywhere across India & you might come over a paan shop selling this old age conventional item.
Paan is composed of betel leaves (paan ka patta) stuffed largely with chopped areca nuts (supari), slaked lime
(chuna), catechu (red katha paste), fennel (saunf), mellowed & blended rose petals (gulkand) & cardamom
(elaichi) among several other ingredients.

Pan flavors

Rajwadi Paan

Rajwadi Paan is organically fresh to the entire globe. People utilized paan as a mouth refresher. It’s also a
perfect refreshment that is catered at parties & marriage ceremony.
The Rajwadi Paan (Royal Betel) made up utilizing sweet betel leaf (Meetha Paan Patta) smudged with slake
lime & catechu & adorned with American nuts, cashew, raisins, tutti fruti, jelly nuts, cherry, the sweet preserve
of rose petals (Gulkand), peppermint, coconut powder, green cardamom, Gulab Jal etc. & catered by enfolding
with eatable silver foil is a delectable ethnic masticate & mouth freshener generally ingested post heavy &
opulent meals.

Chuski  Paan

A distinct kind of Paan we come up with is the Chuski Paan. It seems quite like a usual Paan but is entirely
stuffed with crushed ice & distinct kinds of syrup.
The supreme part is that you cannot ingest it yourself, the Paan Wala (Odeon Thakur Paan Wala) has to put the
Paan in your mouth.
The experience of masticating it is awesome & for sure renders you a brain freeze. The surprising blend of
crushed ice with a sprinkle of rose syrup turns for a flawless cooler this season.

Gundi Paan

The tiny-sized sweet paan aka Gundi Paan pampered in the delectable blend of refreshing paan & virtue of nuts
with this paan gujiya. This can turn as a flawless renovation to your conventional gujiyas this Holi season.

Chocolate Paan

The Chocolate Paan presented by us at Odeon Thakur Paan is an immaculate experience of melted chocolate-
cherry medley, with fennel seeds, sliced glossy cherries, elaichi dana & gulkand & blended saunf.
This Chocolate Paan is made up of very fresh & novel ingredients making sure of the wonderful taste &
fragrance. All the elements of Chocolate Paan are put in the interior part as a cone of fresh leaf & furthermore
catered with scrumptious silver jaggery. Post any meal to render as fully fresh taste to your taste buds, taste
Odeon Thakur’s luscious Chocolate Paan.

Meetha Paan

One of the most popular, Meetha Paan is made up of betel leaves stuffed with an extent of sweet jam such as
pastes & crispy titbits i.e., tutti-fruti, cherries, sliced dates, etc. is an appealing treat to get on & a very effectual
mouth freshener.
The paan is the most common & inspires other recipes such as the Paan Shot or Paan Ice-Cream.

Silver Paan

The ingredients that this mitha paan possess are betel leaf, areca nut, Gulkund, Mukhwas, Elaichi, Labang,
Kesar supari, Sada bahar mawa mix, Chocolate blend, Cherry, Coconut cross, Kasturi, Salted Dhania.
Invigorating taste, safe & hygienic, habituation flavour, 100% vegetarian, digestive assisted, betel leaves are
developed naturally.

A usual Indian meal doesn’t only finish with sweets & the magic of the paan enters the field right by the end.
After a complex meal (or even a usual one), paan aids in digesting the substances of the food in the optimum
possible way.

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